Happy Orthodox Christian Easter 

#Easter #Orthodox 

Every four years,  Easter falls on the same day for all Christians; which makes this post a bit less special. Unlike other Christian religions,  Easter is the most important holiday on the calendar for Orthodox Christians. And the setup for it lasts 40 days, or what is called Lent. The more devout fast for the entire period. The fast is veganism,  with the exception of fish. Not only is it allowed, it is encouraged. 

Above is a tree trimmed like an Easter egg in Moscow. Eggs are everywhere. Coloured eggs are part of tradition. 

These eggs from Serbia represent tradition,  culture,  and religion. Serbs take their eggs to church on Good Friday and the priest “blesses” them. They then get eaten on Easter. 


Greece has many traditions. Fireworks is among them. In Kalamata, the Saitopolemos exists where participants hold pipes and have the fireworks come out of them while they are holding them. This is said to represent the 1821 victory and freedom over the Ottoman empire. The sound of the fireworks popping made the horses scared and start stampeding,  allowing the Greeks to win. True or not, this is a very dangerous activity. 

What a way to end the Holy Week. Even heads of state are seen rejoicing. 

While the egg is big at Easter, the egg on top of the Easter pita  (pie) is kept in the house all year round in some Orthodox countries. 

Happy Easter to one and all. 

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