Ted’s Optimal Breakfast Sandwich 


Apple butter was something I fell upon a few weeks ago. It is very healthy and not very sweet. Make sure you get an organic brand with no sugar added. It takes over 12 hours to make your own apple butter that would not be much different in this case. So just go with the healthiest one you can find. The calorie count is relatively low. 

Organic cashew butter is the next ingredient. This is the best of the nut butter choices because of its smoother texture yet stronger overall taste. It is also sweeter and tastes burnt. 

The next ingredient is half a pear cut in even flat slices—they should be as long as possible. 

Still a foodie fad,  Manchago cheese is a strong, hard cheese from Spain. It needs to be used in small portions because it may be overwhelming to your palate otherwise. 

Spelt bread has the perfect hard texture needed for this sandwich. It can be replaced by any hard bread. A baguette may also be used cut sideways. 

Slightly toast 2 bread slices and spread a tablespoon of apple butter on one slice and 2 tablespoons cashew butter on the other. Alternately,  you can mix the 2 butters together in a small bowl and evenly distribute them on each slice. 

Put half of the pear slices on one side and the other half on the other. The Manchago should be put in the middle of the sandwich.  Slice and enjoy. 

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