Avocado Sushi — Great Tastes on the Lakeshore 

I always like out of the way places to dine at. For the most part,  all the junk and fat food seems to be downtown. The little gems are always on some tip of the island or other.  The Pointe Claire village has revitalized itself in the last few years. Perhaps the major reformation has been its quaint restaurants and coffee shops.  

I found out about Avocado Sushi from a friend a few years back. It’s been open since 2012. That’s considered a small feat on its own in these days of constant change . Going into its 5th year,  the restaurant has found more than one niche customer market. It is popular among the trendy, the university students,  yuppies,  and foodies alike. 

I walked into the Nantucket style setting and gave the birthday cake to a very friendly young man who was glad to keep it in the fridge for me till the birthday girl got surprised. I knew my niece had discovered sushi and hoped she’d enjoy this special outing. 

Our reserved table for 4 was near the door. We asked for another one and we went a few tables away to the other side of the restaurant. The young man was polite,  yet a bit apprehensive as he re-sat us. This is a very small place. It’s a lower duplex redone. Very calm and excellent for many occasions. There is one toilet and only one person of either gender can go in at a time. It looks like a very clean version of a somewhat large house bathroom. Very clean. 

The choice is limited. This is good. I was expecting 4 traditional papers with pencils to check off your sushi pieces but instead got one plastic menu where you need to add everyone’s pieces and put the right number in the square. Maybe it takes some getting used to,  but it confused us and the man had to come back twice. He spoke to me as if I knew nothing about sushi. Blame your menu,  dude. 

I loved every piece. The eel was perfectly cooked and sauced. There was no dynamite on the menu but the rainbow was a sufficient replacement in terms of the piece of the night. 

The cake came out and the young man started singing Happy Birthday till we took over. It seems this place is too good for this kind of distraction. 

Food 9/10

Service 8/10

Atmosphere 9/10

Neighborhood 10/10 

Strongly recommend. 

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