After Wrestlemania,  Here Are the Top 5 WWE Superstars of My Lifetime 

After perhaps the greatest sports entertainment spectacle of all time that was Wrestlemania 33, I need to bring out my 5 finalists for G.O.A.T. in my era —some time after Bob Backlund lost his title is as far back as I can remember. There were some great athletes,  but these 5 changed the course of wrestling with their unique personalities and paving the road for future wrestlers. 

5. The  Undertaker 

It’s probable that the Undertaker retired last night. Why else would he lose to an inferior Roman Reigns? Reigns is no Brock Lesnar. The Undertaker reinvented wrestling because he made us cheer an evil mortician. He made us go behind the dead man. He may be the most unique superstar in history.  The Undertaker invented the casket match and kept the WWE afloat during the uprise of WCW at the time. 

What most people will remember most is the Undertaker’s entrance theme.

Here’s my favourite one. 

4. Rowdy Roddy Piper 

The pioneer of a bad guy you can’t help liking, Piper had a long career mostly because of his charisma and despite his wrestling talent. He was the king of the mic and,  of course,  the pioneer of the 5-minute interview show hosted by a wrestler in the middle of a televised broadcast. It has had many incarnations afterwards,  but none were even close in value because of Pioer’s absolute talent for being a loud – mouthed interviewer. 

This video is disturbing and profane, but it made Piper a superstar. 

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin 

Steve Austin was an above average journeyman until he turned into Stone Cold.  That’s when he picked up where Piper had left off.  He revolutionized wrestling by being the guy you lived vicariously through when he beat up his boss or gave some idiot the finger. 

This is a great segment. A classic.

2 . Brock Lesnar 

The top 2 are probably the best athletes the WWE has ever seen. Lesnar has also been a UFC Champion. He doesn’t talk much,  but he is a beast and a monster that is respected and revered for his wrestling prowess and great array of moves. We like him because he is the bully that protects our yard. 

I love the way Lesnar just lets his actions speak. Here he is finally getting the best of Goldberg.

1.Kurt Angle 

Kurt Angle is truly a great athletic specimen. He may be the only one with more talent than Lesnar. He is an Olympic champion. He beats Lesnar because he is great on the mic and yet another example of a villain you yearn to emulate.

Angle has had some unbelievable matches,  both before his alcohol abuse problem with WWE and when he was fighting his problem and recovering in TNA and elsewhere. What’s also sad is that he may have officially become the greatest ever were it not for his personal demons. Yet he was inaugurated to the WWE Hall of Fame this week. And this was well-deserved. Especially since he may not be through wrestling. 

It’s true. It’s damn true. 
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