Doureios Ippos Cafe Bar —Methoni’s Friendliest Meeting Place 

The first place I go to hang out at every time I arrive in Methoni is Doureios Ippos. After a long trip and a prolonged siesta it’s time to find friends and acquaintances at Doureios Ippos. It is a primary meeting place for the natives and tourists alike. You can argue it’s a place where cultures meet. I usually find a few familiar faces and sign in on my cell phone as to where I am. 

This place goes way back to the time when WiFi was a foreign thing. The owner,  Iraklis,  had a great setup with a nice outdoor and indoor lounge for drinks and flavourful snacks as well as a nice bar with stools if that was your preference. There were sports on the big screen and the computers to contact others while on vacation were upstairs. 

While the computers have been replaced by WiFi,  nothing much has changed downstairs. The premises seem to have been updated. The great selection of domestic and foreign beers is still there. The beautiful terrasse on the side covered by the big trees is great for escaping the harshness of the sun and writing blogs. I wrote my August and September blogs there every night last year. 

Not being a big drinker, I usually order one of the delicious juice cocktails. And of course there are many choices of ice cream and desserts. The service is impeccable. The servers are always smiling. Iraklis and his wife,  Monika,  always make sure your needs are being catered to and go out of their way to give you the best customer service of any café bar south of Athens. 

An ideal day in Methoni consists of a beach chair and swimming,  followed by a nice lunch and perhaps a siesta. 

A perfect evening consists of eating at Sapientza Restaurant and then coming to Doureios Ippos  (literally,  The Trojan Horse ) to relax,  have a drink or snack, and meet up with your gang of friends before deciding to call it a night or continuing your late hours elsewhere. 

But Iraklis is almost always open,  and your day can start off there as well with a nice ice cold Frappé or the traditional Greek coffee on your way to the beach. 

Simply put,  Doureios Ippos has quality,  style,  and great service where,  even if you’re a newcomer,  everybody will know your name sooner or later. 


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