Eradicating Hate 


Hate is a strong and mostly unreal emotion brought about by anger and frustration.  People who are down looking for a lift use scapegoating to overcome not directly dealing with their emotional distress. 

What is emotional distress? Emotional distress comes about from a myriad of possible reasons. Here’s a general explanation. It need not be a traumatic experience of fabulous proportions. Distress comes from extreme stress that causes you to not function as usual in most aspects of your life. There is always some negative emotion or thought in your head preventing you from thinking clearly and endangering your relationships and interfering with your road to personal empowerment. If not looked after, what ensues is emotional and physical illness. Weight loss,  sleeplessness,  depression,  lethargy,  and irrational fear are but a few systems that come up. 

So am I telling you that all this comes from an emotional I’ve called false? Yes,  would be the short answer.  I define it as a false emotion because it is not a pure,  or unadulterated,  emotion.  It is a culmination of other negative emotions,  mostly anger. Any pure emotion is healthy. Anger is necessary as a coping mechanism.  It becomes toxic after a small period of time. When toxicity sets in,  hate is born.  This is when our mind goes into a microcosmic whirlwind of traumatic reactions that may endanger our health. The physical areas to usually be attacked are the back and digestive system. The brain no longer sends clear signals to the body to regulate function,  making the onset of illness much easier to occur.  The immune system no longer has the power to fight toxins. 

The above caption is what you say when you’ve learned to control hate. Not anger,  but hate. Anger needs to be managed and hate needs to be controlled,  or avoided,  as much as possible.  

There are many options in learning how to take control of your emotions. I recommend psychotherapy for something prolonged or that seems insurmountable. I also recommend a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Treat it for the physical threat it is.  

Exercising it away is the best way to go about this. This should be combined with sleeping enough and making a schedule to follow,  no matter what. This can be something simple like doing something at a certain hour every day,  like washing the dishes,  taking a walk,  writing, reading, etc. Sticking to a schedule makes your mind and body stay fit. For more info about this,  contact me at  You may also contact me here. 

In the end,  we need to seem like potential snobs when, in fact,  we’re just sane humans. We need to chase positivity and shun negativity. “Hate ” is one of the worst words in any language,  which is why it doesn’t exist as a word in many cultures.  If we can downgrade our emotion to “upset”, we will have a healthier road to self -realization and empowerment.  

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