Full Moon Calm


It was the beginning of our stay in Methoni. We took our regular walk to the beach. There were more people than usual everywhere. It was Friday in late August and most were going home and back to work on Monday or,  as many said,  would call in sick and make it in time for Wednesday. Hotel rooms were more available. In a few days,  beach chairs would  come at a lower premium; meaning we would still be able to find free ones at 11 rather than 10. The nearby beaches would be more accessible. And I’d get a nicer chair and nicer location closer to the water. Ahhhh, the little things in life. These are welcome worries. 

The beach square was packed with craftsmen.  There were some with cheap remakes of artifacts from antiquity. Others had some art of local landscapes,  be it in paintings or photos. 

There was a hippie from Thessaloniki who had traveled the Balkans with his girlfriend selling handmade bracelets made of leather,  hemp,  and a bunch of other materials I can’t quite translate because of my Greek being at 90 %. 

“What language are you guys speaking? ”

When I told him English he said “I only know Serbian and German other than the Greek, ” he answered.  He told us of his travels a bit meeting many beautiful and interesting people. We bought a bracelet each for 7€ a piece. 

There was a shark tooth one he was high on. So I bought it. 

People just seemed to ignore the full moon. But it was so present. Some were calling it an early harvest moon. Some natives said it was a guiding light for the tourists to leave. But it was perfect over the small pier for boats that took people to beaches on secluded unpopulated islands where there were semi -domesticated wild goats. 

A few steps towards the beach took you to the sand, where the temperature got colder and the commotion became a distant white noise. It was somewhat serene and I took the picture below of the lit up Venetian castle. 

We walked back home slowly, the 1 km or so that became more and more humid as we reached our destination. 

There was nothing like a full moon to calm down the soul. 

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