Sapientza Restaurant Methoni—The Best Comfort Food You Can Get Anywhere 


Sure they have a grill with souvlaki and chops and steaks ready to go. But when you want to get a Greek flavour representing the Messinian region, a dose of local comfort food under a friendly setting, a helping of fresh local ingredients hitting your pallet,  there is nowhere quite as enticing to go as  Sapientza restaurant in Methoni, only seconds from the beach. 

We parked in front of the picturesque cobblestone -like walk above that gives you the choice of dining down in the open air. I preferred dining upstairs where I could feel more of a breeze and get more of a lounge feeling. Either way, our hosts Thanassis and Giota are always welcoming and ready to cater to our every whim. Customer service here is the best in the region.  

Sure, there’s a menu. I think. But who needs a menu when you have the opportunity to walk into the kitchen and meet the chef herself,  Theia Anna,  the family matriarch. She shows you every dish. On this particular evening there were garbanzo beans and veal stew,  stuffed vegetables,  moussaka,  pastitsio,  papoutsaki,  orzo with meat, chicken in the oven with lemon potatoes,  and a few more I forget. Thanassi is there if you need a more detailed explanation.  But usually you’ve made up your mind instinctively. 

The Greek,  or peasant,  salad we order was humongous.  We also had some saganaki  (fried haloumi cheese ) and nibblers like taramosalata and tzatziki.  Some had ordered the bean soup while others had ordered little appetizers like tiropita or spanakopita. I was hoping for a conservative sized plate as the main course,  but it was quite big. But I love my pork fillet with lemon potatoes. Needless to say,  we were all full as we finished our fine local red wine. 

Impeccable. Delicious traditional homemade cuisine for the price of fast food. Not one thing wrong with this place. I’ve gone time and time again. 5/5.


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