Top 10 Superfoods of 2017 

Superfoods are foods that are beneficial to someone’s health above the call of duty. I have listed some below that may help you feel better. Eating food whole is better than any supplement. These foods are either curative or preventative in nature. 


Those of you who know me should be aware of my shameless promotion of avocados. I have looked for reasons not to put them as my favourite superfood,  but can’t find any. 
Avocado is my go – to food when I need healthy calories and fat along with a ridiculous amount of fiber. There is also a good amount of protein in avocados. Its texture makes it and the banana the fruits of choice to smoothen your smoothies. 

Here’s how to know if your avocados are ripe. It takes a while,  but you’ll become an expert avocado connaisseur in no time. I would recommend no more than one regular avocado a day,  due to the high fiber content that may be difficult to digest in abundance. 
2. Greek Yoghurt 

Greek yoghurt is a fantastic source of protein at 18 grams per serving, compared to half that amount for ordinary yoghurt.  I have purposely pictured a 2% fat yoghurt for 2 reasons : yoghurt fat can be good for you and there are chemicals at work in taking fat out of dairy products. Make the choice that’s right for you. 

3.  Kefir 

There’s so much talk about Probiotics these days. Thanks to the damage processed and sugar rich foods have done to our digestive enzymes,  more and more of us need Probiotics to help us digest some foods that have suddenly become indigestible.  These include mainly fibrous foodswhich, ironically, are the ones that help us digest. 

For years,  Probiotics have tasted terrible. Nowadays they’re delicious. I recommend the plain flavoured ones because of their low sugar content. I usually make them flavourable by adding maple syrup,  a great sugar alternative. 

4. Pears 

Pears have overtaken apples in keeping the doctor away. They are rich in fiber and comparatively low in sugar. Here’s why you need them as a staple fruit.  

5. Hemp 

Hemp has more pure amino acids than any other non – meat product.  This means no other food not coming from an animal has more essential proteins than hemp.  Hemp is great for people working out and who want to both lose and gain weight.  It can be taken in seed or flake form. But take it!  Sprinkle it on your salad or anywhere else. It’s good for you! 

6. Raspberries 

It took me a while to like raspberries.  That’s because I was eating when they weren’t fully ripe yet.  Raspberries have great anti – inflammatory and anti – oxidant properties.  Paleos and others who avoid fruit raspberries as it is not considered a fruit by many. Or maybe because it’s just very essential as a regulatory food. 

7. Maca 

One of many Incan superfoods,  Maca has numerous health benefits. It’s a powder to be sprinkled on something every morning.  Its high Vitamin C concentration will give you a boost and will keep your immune system active and well. 

8. Almond Butter 

The above almond butter jar costs between  $15 to  $20 a pop. But it is worth the price considering the powerful impact of fiber and protein and energy that it supplies our bodies with.  Almond butter has overtaken peanut butter as the king of nut spreads.  It is best eaten organic,  raw,  and smooth. Like the avocado,  people with digestive problems need to start with smaller amounts and work their way up. 

9. Alfalfa 

We’ve all seen alfalfa on fancy sandwiches or as a topping on healthy salads. It is one of the premier sources of digestive enzymes. Put it on top of anything. Every meal. It’s really helpful and necessary as a staple in your fridge. 

10. Quinoa 

Another Incan staple superfood,  quinoa is unquestionably essential in helping promote wellness . Second to essential amino acids to hemp when it comes to meatless foods, it is also high in fiber. On top of quinoa salads,  I have now discoveredquinoa cereal and quinoa porridge,  the latter being a great alternative to the  hard-to”-digest oatmeal porridge. Such a polyvalent food,  it’s hard to not have a permanent spot for it in your cupboard. 
Making this list was difficult, especially with about a half dozen other choices I had to leave out. What are your favourite superfoods? 


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