10 Most Attractive Women 

While most of these countdowns judge women only by looks,  I judge them by achievement, talent, perseverance, and,  of course,  if I’m attracted to them. Some you know and some you don’t.  So here we go. 

10.Bjork Gudmundsdottir 

I picked the above picture of Bjork because it exemplifies her breaking stereotypes.  I heard her when I was in my early teens singing in Icelandic and telling God does not exist. Her website shows how far she’s come. For me,  she is the most influential artist ever and represents progressivism.  A great actress, she plays in one of my favorite all -time movies,  Dancer in the Dark.
9.Eugenie Bouchard 

It was tooth -cringing time when Eugenie Bouchard answered her favorite Canadian artist was Justin Bieber.  It wasn’t the choice,  but rather the timing —at the end of a Grand Slam tennis match. It showed how young and sheltered she was.  But lately,  she’s gotten a personality and has shown perseverance on her way back from near the top to near the bottom. 

8.Maryse Ouellet 

Ok, other than her Montreal connection and entertainment factor, I picked Maryse because she is a beautiful woman. She comes from a wrestling family and was a champion in the WWE.  

7.Alisson Stokke 

When it comes to fitness no one looks more fit than Alisson Stokke. She is a champion pole vaulter and is in impeccable physical shape. She is also a role model for future female athletes.

6.Taylor Swift 

We all know who Taylor Swift is. I’ve always liked her songs about heartache in a country pop groove. She has proven she has a lot of range and can even sing some good heavy metal. She is a fashion icon and all around good person. She’s one of the few you don’t hear rumors about. Like it or not, she’s got tons of talent. 

5.Padma Lakshmi  

Padma Lakshmi has achieved a lot in her life. Her Sri Lankan-Indian background has made her unique as someone breaking out of cultural norms. She is a model,  chef, writer,  and wooed one of the smartest men in the world to marry her. She helps others and is a strong role model who exemplifies freedom of expression and women’s rights. 
4.Victoria Koutava 

I met this girl while shopping in Kalamata,  in Greece. She works at the Zara store there. I later found out she was an Instagram hit. Nothing less than a fashion star and guru in the making. Google Aggeliki Victoria Koutava for more of her and a bit about her. Joan Rivers would have loved her. 

3.Lorraine Pascale  

I’ve spoken of Lorraine Pascal before because of her perseverance. She was an orphan who succeeded in modelling and now as a pastry and TV chef. An inspiration for everyone. 

Rihanna makes it here because she is an amazing performer. That’s it. 

1.Eva Kaili

Eva Kaili decided to go from journalist to politician. She is known for championing the plight of the voiceless in her native Greece. 

The above quote goes against the popularity of the Greek far left and also explains the evolution of the neo -Nazi right.  

The above ladies have it all. There are so many more. But more than 10 would make others accuse me of overkill. 

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