Generalized Anxiety Disorder—The New Killer 

As the above graphic shows,  Anxiety is a plethora of emotions that often come together at the same time. This can create physical symptoms and even cause panic attacks.  Prolonged periods with multiple anxiety symptoms is called Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD. In one word,  it can be described as “fear”. It is putting every negative thing under a microscope and every positive thing in the garbage. The focus is almost continually on what disaster may happen next. Here are 8 symptoms to look out for.

When one suffers from GAD,  one of the most popular symptoms is fatigue, followed by indigestion. Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS, is related to GAD. Often,  patients given anti -anxiety medication start feeling better and are able to digest more foods without fear of bloating,  inflammation,  or acute pain. 

The above caption demonstrates the ongoing mini panic attack in a person suffering from GAD. These disturbances and thoughts would be less acute or not there at all were the brain not fighting to keep control of the body. The level of peace needed for your brain and body to be in synch disappears and it becomes a free -for -all.  Signals from your brain are mixed up by the body. The result is everyday activities becoming more difficult or almost impossible to do or cope with. A small problem becomes magnified. Despair and helplessness set in. The future seems bleak.  You lose weight. You don’t move much so you don’t bring about a heart attack. You fear fear itself. You shake and feel a cold coming on. Your have heart palpitations.  You can’t assess the importance of things outside your panicked state. This has no  choice but to lead to depression. 

Left untreated, you get worse. You can’t sleep properly. You become irritable and your relationships suffer. You miss work often and are afraid you’ll lose your job. You want to go to the emergency room because you may not wake up alive. Then you get irrational thoughts. You become detached from everyday life. If no help is gotten at this point,  it may be too late. Although it’s anxiety, it has manifested itself into serious depression. And it can and will kill you if you let it. 

Naming the problem and admitting you need help almost always guarantees a road to recovery. The new killer of our era is made possible by the social constructs and constraints holding them up that exist. Every era or generation has its diseases. And a lot of them have become extinct. 

The first step to recovery is to not be afraid or ashamed to admit to yourself and other that you have a problem. Considering the stigma and lack of understanding in general,  it is not advisable to tell people outside your trusted circle of family and friends. You need the help of a doctor. Usually,  it takes a combination of drugs and counseling to see measurable amelioration.  

The second step is to see it to the end and put yourself first. You will learn what the stressors are and will be able to eliminate them or cope healthily with them.  Remember, you are the one in charge. 

In the end, you’ll know you’re a victim of anxiety forever,  just like an alcoholic will always be an alcoholic. Instead of keeping off the booze, you’ll need to just keep yourself in the most optimal shape possible. This includes a healthy diet, proper sleeping habits,  exercise,  and a balance in your lifestyle that promotes positive activity for your brain.  

For me, reliving the moment above helps alleviate tension. What does it for you? 

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