Slow Whole Locavores —For Body and Mind 

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As many people know, stress and diet are directly related to digestive health. The better the food, the better chance of stress triggers for indigestion going down. The more managed the stress,  the better chance of the food being digested properly. There are further factors,  namely environment and exercise, that further affect our overall health and adaptive defense mechanisms in our immune systems in combating disease and infection.  For now,  let’s focus on the calming effect of good food choices. 


Canada has harsh winters which make it difficult to eat local during the winter months. Those intent on it have to live on a repetitive diet that local growers offer of cabbage,  beets,  potatoes  turnips, etc. Others incorporate pickled or smoked or fermented goods. But we can cheat and it won’t hurt. 

We need a balanced diet made up of local foods in order to avoid packaging and the preservatives and chemicals that come with it. 


Another advantage to eating local is that it’s good for the environment. There’s much less pollution caused by transportation. There’s a faster path from grower to consumer. We get the immediate nutrition in its basic  (read : unadulterated ) form.  The nutritional value is increased. There is the good argument that food frozen at the source is just as good,  and I would agree. But that food is not plentiful. If you want the equivalent of local,  frozen is the best way to go. 

Whole foods then are obviously the way to go. Again,  they are unadulterated. The above food pyramid shows which foods are musts and which ones we need to be careful about.  The pyramid can be modified to correspond to your needs, but the fruits and vegetables are unquestionably the most important. I believe that the middle of the pyramid contains foods that are good snacks and great alternatives to what we usually eat at work or on the go.  

These foods being raw sounds dangerous to some. But upon closer examination,  there are few of these you’ve ever cooked anyway. We don’t realize how much we eat raw. And for the most part,  anything outside of main courses should be raw. 


There is no easy way to define slow food but to say it’s a combination of wholesome and local foods. It is a sustainable way to exist within your community’s food output distributed among its citizens. Think of a communal farm with all the inhabitants being fed. It’s the emblem of sustainable development at the grass roots level and needs to exist for a community to advance. It is the foundation of sustainability in a more global sense. Here’s an example from Italy.

Local is said to be the new organic. While I believe local is great, organic is just as needful for good nutritional value. Organic should be synonymous to local, but it often isn’t. And we need to eat organic as much as possible. Especially with meat and fish. The health of the animal becomes part of our health, mental and physical. 

So go to your farmer’s market and your organic marker and empower yourself by empowering your body with the best quality food. 

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