Ich Will — New Karaoke Mission

The preliminary Rammstein song Du Hast was a bit embarrassing to actually choose to karaoke because of the simplicity of it. So I have chosen Ich Will. Lots of German lyrics and at a fast pace.  

My first successful karaoke experience that drew more than polite applause was Green Day’s Basket Case. It was only a bit melodic and with little difficulty you can talk or yell your way through it. Grunge was befitting of my voice. So when I branched out,  I decided to make it a language rather than a genre change. Okay, the genre may differ a bit,  but it was  all about Edith,  my Bavarian professor,  always praising my great pronunciation of the Bavarian tongue. She never said German.  Just Bavarian.  Seems like they see themselves as distinct in Bavaria. So Du Hast it was. 

Except for a few lines somewhere in the middle of the song,  it was pretty much 


Du hast 

Du hast mich 

Du hast mich 

And I was so good at pronouncing the -ch in “mich”. They must have thought I was German, or at least Bavarian. But other than that,  it was a lame choice.  So now we get into the nitty gritty of Ich Will. Good luck Ted. 

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