Addiction, Straight Edged,  and Somewhere In-Between 

After so many superstar deaths from legal drugs in the last few years, there’s no doubt that the most addictive things in live are legal. They are even often free and very often encouraged.  

I have had many people come to me with various problems to rectify that were treated almost strictly by recognizing there was an addiction involved.  A common one was addiction to work which eventually leads to burnout. Another is addiction to sex which often leads to a decline in performance at work and an overall neglect of friends and family.  These are the 2 most common addictions I have encountered that were not very difficult to accept,  understand,  and overcome. 

The number one overall addiction I have come across that was not easy to overcome was addiction to prescription drugs. This is especially difficult when you believe they are a necessity for life. Many clients have lost their jobs and relationships from addiction to these drugs. Most of them were drugs for pain and anxiety. 

It is tough to realize and accept addiction in any form, mainly because of the guilt and societal norms that discourage it. People die from addiction to legal drugs every day. The road to empowerment is one of the hardest when it comes to drug addiction. But like most serious addictions,  there is pain involved,  whether physical or mental. 

Pain is generally easy to recognize,  but the source often takes some digging.  Very often,  it is not necessary to get to the source. It is just important to overcome it. There are many places that help with this. 

I have experienced addiction to Tylenol. It may sound silly, but my brain was programmed to take my apparent back pain away before bedtime just by taking some acetaminophen.  Then I would go back and forth from acetaminophen to ibuprofen,  thinking this would alleviate any harm done in any way. I went off all those when I saw the acidity they were causing in my body. In the past year, I have given up alcohol completely.  My infrequent want for beer with lots of stout had to be stopped immediately because of my IBS.  The only addiction or habit I may have that prevents me from being straight  edged is coffee. 

This is the definition I tend to get for straight edge . But most people I know who are straight edge believe it to be no drugs, cigarettes,  coffee,  promiscuous sex,  and a respect for your body. I don’t necessarily see this as the end goal. The end goal should be no addictions. 
My latest addiction is having to write blogs from my specific seat in the café. Harmless perhaps.  But my girlfriend thinks I’m not home enough and people see me as a unique preofessorial type at the café.  The second one I don’t mind. And I know I can stop doing it whenever I want. Right? 

This is Christina Ricci when straight edged. 

This is a body full of pills. 

Optimal Empowerment has hurdles. And many are more difficult to overcome than others. 

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