Deepak Chopra as my Empowerment Gateway to Healthier Breakfasts 

At over 50 years old,  Elle Macpherson still looks in stunning shape. In a future article I will feature her health empowerment and focus on pH levels.  For now, let’s use her as a perfect example of outer beauty and inner health. 

Though vitamin peddling by people like Dr. Andrew Weil is usually helpful,  it is always better to take nutrition through natural means. And while I recommend reading and listening to much of what Dr. Weil has to say,  I have seen him turn into a salesman more than a doctor in the past few years. 

Then there’s an interest little site featuring ayurveda – related health by Dr. Deepak Chopra. 

I highly recommend the book below.

It gives a very concise and detailed regimen to Optimal Empowerment when it comes to regulating and overpowering your body towards good health through ayurveda, a traditional Indian method to Optimal health.  Like lots of Eastern medicine,  Dr.  Chopra’s method has been scrutinized by some. What is important is to understand the basic tenets of the ideology. This book opened my mind at a time of great upheaval in my digestive tract,  but even more so in my sternum,  where I had moderate to serious GERD keeping me up at night. I invite you all to read this enlightening book which helped me understand that I needed to interpret it according to my situation and current and long term needs. It may seem overwhelming and undoable,  but it is not expected to be followed literally. 

So let’s tackle breakfast. No more bacon. Ever. No exceptions.  Eggs are very welcome,  but should never be fried. Poached is good but time consuming. There are 2 choices. Let’s make it clear that if the eggs are not free range and organic they are harmful to your health.  The first choice is to boil them anywhere between 7 to 10 minutes, 7 giving you a nice runny yolk and 10 a hard Easter egg one. Less than 7 would make them too runny. Make sure the water is boiling before you put them in the pot. The second choice is scrambled. Those are best mixed with avocado and goat cheese. 

Tired of eggs? Looking for more calories on top of that or less calories than the aforementioned? Yogurt is the answer. There is no reason to have any yogurt other than Greek.  It packs more calories,  protein, and overall healthier fat than other yogurts. It has natural Probiotics and can be bought lactose free if desired. Maple syrup is a perfect addition to sweeten it. I add camu camu in it for my boost. Please see above and read my last post. 

Almost nothing is more harmful to your health than sugar.  Stevia is a natural sweetener with about 2 times the sweetness of sugar. Put that in your coffee instead. 
 Or you can be like a famous celeb and have  breakfast smoothies.

Russell Brand is modelling a green smoothie, the newest trend in the genre. Just make sure you are putting healthy whole ingredients in the blender with natural sugar,  like the one from dates. 

Finally, something that I am still having a bit of problems digesting. Some good old fashioned uncooked oats. 

Here are some great ideas.
Remember, having about 1/3 of your calories at breakfast gives you energy and also makes it easy for your body to digest it throughout the morning and day. 

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