Food Can Kill —Keys to Everlasting Health 

It was about 2.23 in the morning as I looked at my cable box clock and felt a big shooting pain in my small intestine.  The pain was coming at intervals of 3 minutes. Some times I would stay half asleep but woke up completely with the big shooters. I felt the area and it was inflamed. I managed to survive 2 hours of this torture and woke up again at 7 o’clock.  The pain had come back again. The doctor at the clinic looked at me slightly worried.  She asked why I hadn’t gone to the emergency room. It could’ve been a life -threatening situation. I had never heard of diverticulitis before. 

Soon, I started hearing a lot about it and how it often ended into cutting a bit of your small intestine off.  The doctor gave me very strong antibiotics and told me that I need to eat enough fibre when I become well. It sounded like a serious clinical diagnosis. The dietitian told me that I could have no fibre for 10 days.  I ate white bread,  boiled chicken breasts,  and white rice.  For 10 days. I lost about 1 pound a day. There were so many side effects,  both mental and physical,  that have an atheist praying to get better and he’ll always eat his fibre.  Please God,  the atheist would say. 

The biggest culprit in poor digestive health is processed food. They offer almost no health benefits. They are packed with carcinogens. They deplete digestive enzymes your body needs to digest food properly. The worst of the bunch are cold cuts. Yes,  those delicious sandwiches were no healthier than eating the wrappers they came in. It would have been healthier to not eat at all. And yes,  that eliminates a lot, if not all,  of the fast food chains. 

Anyone with a healthy gut will call me a fear monger,  but diverticulitis exists almost exclusively in Europe and North America,  bastions of modernity and fast paced living that doesn’t allow for one to have a nice 2 hour traditional French lunch.  Working lunches, anyone?  That’ll kill you. 

The answer is whole foods with no genetically modified organisms and organic. We’re not tree huggers. We’re astute observers of the lack of health running rampant. 

Look for the above sign at the labels of the food you buy at your local supermarket. 

The first picture is of Himalayan salt,  a much healthier alternative to table salt. Another thing I was encouraged to have were healthy fats. I started drinking a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil every day.  200 calories of magnificent fat. 

The avocado is a superfood full of good fat and tons of fibre and plenty of protein and nutritious calories. An average sized one gives you about 300 calories,  6 grams of fat,  and 3 grams of protein. 

This woman is enjoying a delicious banana.  Every organic fruit is an unaltered whole food. 

Eggs are a delicious source of nutrition. They need to be organic and free range. An unhealthy chicken lays unhealthy eggs. 

Camu camu is a tropical fruit usually found in powder form in your health food store. It is overloaded with vitamin C and is great to put in your morning Greek yoghurt.  It’s amazing how it can jolt you more than coffee ever could. 

Here are some interesting tables. 

Don’t wait to be forever marred in not enjoying food to its fullest. My gut health has improved,  but I still have to avoid some foods because I have irritable bowel syndrome. I’ve made strides.  But it’s like an alcoholic. Once an IBS victim, always an IBS victim. But you cope. You manage. You empower yourself and persevere. 

But why go through all that when all you need is fibre and a healthier diet? 


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