Happy Birthday to my Best Friend

Though thousands of miles away, I wish I were in the humid winter cold of southern Greece just to be with my best friend. He’s also a second cousin, but that doesn’t matter. I will always call him a friend before calling him a cousin. 

He’s my friend not because he’s nice. He usually is, but thats not what’s important. It’s not his interests. His background. It’s not his vision of the world either. We very often disagree. And that’s fine. All that is part of being human.

Knowing he’s there, in another continent, makes me feel comfortable because I know he’ll be there for me. As he once said, ” I dobt care about whether you or the other is right. I just care about your happiness.” And that’s what it’s all about. Not passing judgment. Someone who does little things behind the scenes to make things a little better. Someone who’ll hide their moment of weakness to emphasize yours.

I hope I’ve been a good enough friend to him.

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