Bullying Rant


Above Love Is a Battlefield

I am very adamant about freedom and democracy. Having been bullied, I understand there’s a line that can’t be passed.  Does this impede on people’s rights or is it just a tool of control for those who wish to overpower? 

Accepting our person within becomes much more difficult when there are greater odds stacked up against you.  At a later age, it is self -destructive and leads to things that end with “crisis “. The crises that exist are manifested by the overabundance of systemic bullying.  Bullying is more present the older you get.  It’s less audible and it festers and lingers and encompasses.  It is what we call the norm.  It is no longer rowdy kids but rather self -indulgent, hateful, and ill -mannered adults that are the culprits. It is the norms and mores of that “should” all over us.  

You need to be yourself in all your beauty.  Or else you will perish.  Have a great upcoming week.

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