Please Don’t Like a Post Without Viewing It 

Guys, I appreciate your support,  but liking a post without viewing just means you’re being nice. As much as it is an ego -stroke,  I don’t want empathetic Likes.  

Hope you enjoy my stuff as much as I enjoy yours. 

4 thoughts on “Please Don’t Like a Post Without Viewing It 

  1. Sometimes someone might read your post in the Reader and hit like, but because they didn’t actually come to your page, it doesn’t count as a view which is why the views and likes might not match up sometimes. It’s just an annoying flaw that WordPress has.

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  2. I left facebook because most of my friends just liked the post for no reason and they even don’t know what is in the content. In WordPress, I had thought many people would read the content but so sad many people here are also liking the content just to show that they saw the update or something like that even without reading it…..

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    • It’s because they want you to look at their work and to show their appreciation. Although I’m sure they like the posts, they may not have time to read them due to time restrictions and will read the ones that sound interesting. I appreciate their interest.

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  3. I try to return the courtesy of reading others posts as I hope they do mine. I think for the sake of time, those who purport to read others post and do not should read shorter posts and when time allows read other posts by the same individual. We are all here for the same thing. We take time to give consideration to what we post and value our work. Therefore, it is not egotistic, but it’s befitting the expectation is others will do the same.

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