Never Stop Learning 

A person who stops learning is only a person in body only. In other words,  you exist as someone taking up place. Stagnant.  You are no longer evolving and thus contribute to the deterioration of yourself and society in general. It’s a pity being a zombie with a capacity to be much more. 

There are 2 fundamental variables that contribute to learning  – active listening and experience.  Both of these are erroneously defined when alluding to empowerment.  Much internalization needs to be involved when trying to learn. It takes effort and is an important part of the empowerment framework. Here is a simple explanation of active listening. It takes patience and practice.  Here is a more detailed explanation for experiential learning. 

The less we talk, the better the chance of not rambling on in idle chatter.  Most human conversation doesn’t contribute to learning. There is gossip around every day,  which tends to either skew the truth or just demonize others.  This is not learning. This is what I call ‘delearning’, which is part of the devolution of the sane mind. It is the perfect antonym to active listening.  It takes away from learning.

An important part of gearing up for learning to learn is to try to lose subjectivity. We need to keep an open mind and disqualify any prejudices or preconceptions that we may come into a conversation with.  We need to suspend all that is going on around us and concentrate on the speaker. By doing this,  we tend to focus more on the moment and lose ourselves in the present. 

Nikola Tesla had his ideas stolen over and over. The Serbo – American was responsible for many advanced inventions that are still considered groundbreaking to this day. But he cared more about learning than worrying about glory. Albert Einstein didn’t really wear the same sweater every day. He just bought sweaters that looked the same so he wouldn’t have to take time choosing what to wear and taking time away from learning. These 2 men are examples of relentless passion.  But we don’t expect to be like them. As a matter of fact, I dissuade that for the road to empowerment because it often causes incomplete learning. Both these guys were said to be antisocial.  That is not our aim.  But we need to look upon them as examples of passionate learners,  albeit very unidimensional ones. 

It’s never too late to learn. So don’t despair. Wisdom is within you and so is the ultimate goal of optimal empowerment. 

The next time you sit down to have a conversation,  listen to the personyou are talking with and focus on them. Internalize the information. Make some sense of it and thenwait till the speaker is finished speaking before answering. I guarantee you will be taken more seriously and,  eventually,  you will learn more with every sentence you hear and so will the person you’re listening to. 

It’s easy. It’s called active listening. Try it. 

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