Tornadoes in Methoni —WTF? 

This is a video of the last tornado near Methoni. 

Another tornado hit the southern Peloponnese overnight Friday. There was some damage done and it was the second tornado in that area in 2 years. This is a phenomenon people aren’t used to. 

The weather in Methoni is usually quite simple. Sunny every day between mid -June to mid -September with high temperatures and average humidity. The 3 winter months are supposed to be rainy and the humid cold is supposed to chill your bones. Spring and autumn are supposed to be the best, with nice comfortable weather. This hasn’t been the case the last few years. 

In general,  it has been very hot in the summer. This winter has been especially cold and it has snowed more than once. Snow used to come once every few years and nighttime temperatures hardly ever went below zero. And on top of that, there’s a tornado this weekend. 

And now you’ve got the conspiracy fringe denying fact. They will say that global warming doesn’t apply here since it’s so cold. So we’ve been forced to call it climate change. This is a very serious problem as NASA warns here. Yet big money and enterprise put money before life. And let’s not hide behind our finger here. Wildlife is dying and the rain forests and polar ice caps are receding. There’s no room for greed to kill people. Yes, people. The bees are dying and that is directly correlated to a diminished food supply, meaning less food for poor people. We also have to deal with new illnesses and the eventual survival of the fittest.  

In a town like Methoni,  where the economy depends on the land,  climate change can further impoverish the lives of its citizens. The Greek government is progressive, yet is caught in the vises of the EU and rendered almost helpless to do anything but keep feeding the debt machine. Because, of course, Greece paying its debt is more important to Brussels than whatever suffering might be endured by innocent people. This is disgraceful and it will not last. 

In the meantime, I wonder if the owner of the house below will have enough money to fix what little damage may have been done to his roof. 

Moreover, these graves need to be fixed. Who’ll fix them?

To me, this is a disturbing site. It takes away whatever sanctity and dignity may have been present in honoring the dead. I hope all this graves are fixed right away. 

In the meantime, let’s do what we can to help the world from eating us up. I want to be able to go home to Methoni and be able to live in harmony with nature instead of being in perpetual fear of it. This is not normal. 

Let’s empower ourselves by educating and empowering others. 

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