Do What You Love 

It’s easy to say, but learning to entrench yourself in doing what you love is a very difficult task. It takes perseverance,  patience and,  above all,  time.  We always wonder why others have become successful in doing what we would gladly do for free.  Unless they fell onto an inheritance,  it took big effort and dedication. 

Lorraine Pascale is a perfect example in perseverance and grace under pressure, to put it mildly. From an orphan who lost her foster parents to being a model,  chef, and empowerment facilitator,  Lorraine has shown that anything is possible. She is living out her passions every day. And how many of us can say we have it harder than her? What makes her tick? I would guess a search for making things better and always giving a hundred percent. It seems that Lorraine just loves to cook. And she also loves to reach out. 

Yanis Varoufakis , with one N, is the politician the Greek people respected the most during the 2015 vote for Grexit.  I have included the link for his blog at the beginning of this paragraph  (just click on his name ) because I believe it shows his passion —democracy. While this is a hard thing to explain,  suffice it to say it is Varoufakis that made Europe fear Greece. This is because he is a scholar and an advocate for the democratic process. Yanis was forced to resign because Greece would get even more screwed by the EU. Why is he in this article? Well, even scholars don’t always succeed. But they ply their skills and never give up. Yanis has opened the door for others to not be bullied. And this through his life flow. 

While Yanis Varoufakis was an accidental politician,  Jack Layton was a consummate pro lifetime politician. Many say that as if it is a cardinal sin,  but it is amazing to see Jack’s lifetime achievements. Jack’s passion was making the world a better place for all.  It was achieving the unachievable. It was surpassing anything the pundits. In short,  it was pure guts and dedication. 

This is the letter Jack wrote to Canadians before he died. After having achieved the impossible,  he would just need one more term to become Prime Minister. 4 more years. And when he was gone,  the party just went back to its humble beginnings in the political realm with a loss of many seatsin the following election.  
I spoke to Jack on multiple occasions. Every time,  I felt his positivity and dedication. And the odd thing was that he was going about it on the straight and narrow. Now that’s something miraculous in itself. 

David Suzuki is the environmentalist everyone loves. He is non -judgmental and just does his job. It seems he lives for talking and empowering people with his knowledge of nature. The David Suzuki foundation is a good start to learning about Suzuki’s passion.

The 2 women above excel at what they do. Remember,  you need to eat well and be healthy. What better way than discovering running or the gym. I see the gym as a time of zen that keeps me grounded and disciplined. 

I’m off because it’s time to devote myself to what I love. Hope you see my name soon in a bookstore near you. 


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