Resolutions for 2017 


Seeing as it’s January 2nd, I figured I’ve been straight for a day and deserve a shot to succeed. Here are my resolutions for the new year,  not necessarily in any particular order. 

Be Healthier 

Seeing how many people died in 2016,  it’s fitting to make sure I’m healthier and happier. And it all begins with a walk around the block,  literally. This year,  walking was proven to be as effective in cardiovascular health as running. Two brisk walks a half hour a day are extremely beneficial to overall health. I have a chance to do that just by walking to work and back daily. The problem is taking advantage of that chance. In general, I need to just move in the fresh air and smell the empowerment and good health coming my way. 

Find the health benefits of physical activity here. 

Healthy Weight Gain 

I’ve never been overweight. People think I’m lucky, but it’s difficult to always have to eat 500 calories more than the average person my size just to maintain my weight. A good quick metabolism is great, but it puts me at a disadvantage when losing weight because of illness or diet limitations. This was the case in 2016. I need to eat healthier dense food with a high calorie count and also hit the gym and the weights. After all, muscle weighs twice as much as fat. I’ve got my doctor’s appointment later this month and I’ll have to ask her to make sure I’m fit and healthy enough to start working out again. Remember,  you don’t want an unexplained heart attack. Do the stress test and a thorough blood test. 

Here’s an idea of healthy diets for weight gain. Also, it would be advantageous to see a dietitian. Optimality needs to be attained safely and healthily. 

Do What You Love 

But don’t let it kill you. Bukowski is a great example of an anti -hero we poets love to worship. But there is no need to literally do what he did  because he could have died many times over. But Charles Bukowski is the epitome of never giving up on doing what he loved. In a strange and rare way, he was the tragic empowered figure, mostly because of his addictions. He would have been incapable of reaching Enlightenment.  But oh how I admire his genius. Even in a life of unbelievable sorrow, Bukowski never let his weaknesses overpower his desires. 

I will continue writing and creating,  but this year I’m looking to be a bit more renowned. After all, I was semi -renowned about 15 years ago for my writing. Let’s try to overtake that. The only way is up,  baby. 

Overcome Weaknesses 

If every person can be half as successful as the great Nelson Mandela, then I’d say each and every one on earth would be properly enlightened.  It takes someone great to go through what Mandela went through and still be able to function,  let alone lead a nation and forgive people who tried to kill him. I certainly haven’t reached that stage. That’s the proper use of the word GREAT. 

In my case, I shall try to accept my shortcomings and failures and use them as steps towards the attainment of new benchmarks. I will go to the CN Tower and walk over the glass floor instead of crawl on it. 

Scary just looking at it. Yes, I can. 

Achieve Goals 

The above picture is my goal. Has been for a while. I assume it must be most people’s ultimate goal. Sitting by the beach and setting your own work,  lifestyle,  and financial rules.  One good result from 2016 was the surprises we saw. Our Prime Minister did an overall good job after being told he’d fail. There was no confidence in polling and the political landscape took an unusual turn. People helped cause this. And people showed they had power.  And it’s no different in our personal lives.  We set goals and try to achieve them. Life has no meaning without them. 

Branding the EEE lifestyle is tantamount to measuring my success for the year. 

If you’re a beginner, here’s how to set goals.

Making the world a better place is what the result of ourgoal attainment should be. We should never forget who makes us successful  —others. While we may take steps towards empowerment,  these steps would not exist without the participation of others,  knowingly or not. In return,  we need to let others utilize us for their success. By utilize I mean learn from our skills,  successes,  and weaknesses. This is how enlightenment works. Your karma needs to be good working order. 

Thank you to all the people that crossed my path last year. Let’s make it a great 2017. 


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