Steve Strong,  André the Giant,  and the Asshole Named Hulk Hogan 

It was always a blast going to the Paul Sauve arena to watch professional wrestling on Monday nights. As a young teen, before Monday Night Raw,  I enjoyed the live wrestling circuit.  It was a way to be close up with your heroes, usually good guys. But the first villain,  or heel,  I fell in love with was Steve Strong , a muscle- bound goon who obliterated his opponents. 

Then there was the great André the Giant , a behemoth of a man. 

Finally, on the card that night was a young Hulk Hogan, who was actually a pretty good technician at the time.  

So you can imagine my excitement when during a mid card match I actually stumbled upon all 3 men while I was coming back from the washroom.  Strong smiled,  noticing my excitement.  He asked me if I was enjoying the show.  Maybe that would make me stop looking at his muscles. He was a big man, I thought. I gave some stupid answer and he introduced me to his friend André. André was sipping on a Labatt 50 and looked at me and pulled out his hand to shake mine.  My hand was about as big as his middle finger, or so it still seems to this day.  He smiled as I shook his finger with my hand. He seemed content, yet troubled. Strong looked at Hogan,  who was staring at the ground.  He ignored me and told Strong  “tell your idol to go back to his seat, DiSalvo.” Strong looked at me,  forcing a friendly smile and telling me it was great to see me and here’s an autograph. Hogan seemed annoyed and was practically threatening Strong to end it. André seemed to just be aloof.  “I know you have problems, Terry,  but it’s an impressionable kid, ” I heard Strong telling Hogan as I walked, shoulders shrugged, to my seat.  I looked back at a picture I’ll never forget. Steve Strong actually still looking at me and smiling,  as though he knew I’d turn around  and Hogan walking away his back to me, frustratingly trying to take Strong with him. André was alone looking at the match. 

I was glad Rick Martel beat Hogan that night. I guess what  comes around goes around,  at least in the case of Hogan having nothing but problems in his post  – wrestling life. 


3 thoughts on “Steve Strong,  André the Giant,  and the Asshole Named Hulk Hogan 

  1. Wow, what a great story! I always got the impression that in front of the camera, Hogan was putting on a show and that he wasn’t close to the same guy outside the ring as he was in it. Then again when you’re as big of a star as he was, I guess that’s expected.
    Enjoyed the bit where you said your hand was the size of Andre’s finger. His hands were huge.


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