Education Part 2 — Self – Reflection 

Did you think I forgot about what I asked you a few posts ago?  Did you set some sort of goals or ambitions? Did you let the opportunity pass you by and just put everything in the back burner,  as usual?  Do you usually do this? Do you let everyday trivialities hold you from progressing? Have you regressed since a week ago? Have you failed in something? If you learned how to succeed next time or how to veer otherwise, then I’m glad you failed. 

I assume you all gave this some hard thought in some church basement. 

Did the basement in your head look like this? Did it stay stagnant? Our goal is to fix it up. I have mine looking like this. 

I didn’t want anything fancy, just something to be comfortable with. This is my immediate goal. It is not my end goal. My end goal can only be met with a step by step progression towards it.  This is my mind being in a comfortable place as opposed to the chaos of the previous picture. 

Even if all around you is breaking down,  you need to concentrate like this guy.

Your ghetto exists only in you. He’s a little lesson in meditation

I strongly suggest you go here to help build the ambience. 

Be like these girls 

Be in any position you want,  but just disappear from the world of indentured servitude you’re in now. 

But remember, the path to doing everything the way you want has steps. And there’s steps withing each step.  So start with the links I gave you and you’ll move to your level slowly. Read up on yoga and meditation if you wish. 

Let’s get back to work and hope that you’ve done your homework over the holidays. 

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