I Want To Move To Park Extension 


It doesn’t have the most attractive name in the world, and it is one of the poorest places in Canada,  but the place where I grew up is my home forever.  I never thought wanting to move back would be so difficult.  There just aren’t enough good apartments to move into. And the water pipes burst often.  The roaches. Did I hear bedbugs? This is scary to a sensitive soul like me.  With the deterioration of infrastructure all over the city,  it’s logical Park Extension would be affected perhaps the hardest. And now I’m in a quandary of how to get around this? Even people living here tell me to not move here.  But you can’t get them out. So what gives? Do they have the only good places to live in? Are they slum lords? Or are they masochists?

Park Extension has 30.7% of its population defined as working poor. This means they work and make wages too low to live decently on.  So could it be that there’s 2 types of people here —property owners living in their buildings and people too poor to move elsewhere? Sort of like a… slum?  You wouldn’t know that by looking at the people,  at least the ones walking around when I’m there.  I remember growing up in 3 apartments in the area and 2 look seedy as I pass by them now. Maybe they’ve just gotten older or I didn’t know better or cared.  

This building on Jarry and Stuart is infested. 

This one was condemned and the slum lord fined. 

I like streets like these. Full of life. And people. And community. 

So tell me. Someone. How can I find a decent apartment in Park Extension? 


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