The Girl from Iqaluit 

Christina was the half sister of a university friend of my girlfriend at the time .  Her mother was white and her father Inuit .  She was visiting her sister in Montreal and we were meeting downtown on the coldest night of the year .  We were both hiding; she from her sister and I from my girlfriend .  They were both aware of her attraction to me and who was I to say no to a young girl just having turned 18 asking me to meet her to show her Montreal a bit .  She had very dark hair that sort of shone against the light .  She had very pretty eyes and was a bit short and thin .  She always smiled ,  asking silly questions .  

When we were at the outlook on Mount Royal ,  we made out in a very calm way .  It was surprising how she was flinching just enough .  She was very warm and light on me on the passenger’s seat .  She led the way .  She seemed to know what I wanted . She was very good at it and we were both satisfied as it ended when I noticed her lilting and slightly shaking .  Then came the talking . She went on about wanting to move to the city . She told me about not wanting to go back and either be an addict or have to get married and pregnant and living on government handouts .  She started crying .  I told her she can try and find a job here but that she’d eventually get sick of being poor .  

It was a formidable evening with a young lady who sensed freedom .  She gave me her contact numbers .  I went to Iqaluit that summer .  

It looked something like this .  Almost never dark . I saw a place where the people had given up on being themselves . I saw such a rich culture wasting away because of abuse followed by neglect . The people are used to their lot and see no way out . Girls in their mid teens were asking me to take them south with me . Christina decided to go study in Edmonton and come back and help her  community .  She is now an activist for indigenous and women’s rights . Iqaluit is trying to break out of its misery . The community is realizing they needn’t forgive themselves ,  for they have done nothing .  They need to forgive the past massacre by the white man .  

The more we remember negativity ,  the more we become mired in it .  The only way to progress is looking forward and sowing seeds . 

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