The Queen Is Alive ,  Long Live Viola Desmond 

CBC News: How civil rights icon Viola Desmond helped change course of Canadian history.

Finally ,  someone deserving on a money bill .  I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime .  A black woman on the 10 dollar bill . No matter what your political persuasion ,  you have to hand it to Justin Trudeau for getting it right .  If nothing else ,  it shows we’re progressing as a country when it comes to recognizing achievement and perhaps even prioritizing things better .  I feel like I’m living in Iceland or Sweden ,  especially on a cold and wet Friday afternoon .  

This is more than a new face on a bill .  It is a window for all of us to stand up and be counted .  But that can only happen if the progress doesn’t stagnate .  If it continues ,  for lack of a better word , to progress .  This is an emblematic move at best if not followed by substantial change .  The Prime Minister needs to improve things for people that Ms. Desmond represents .  He has tackled the environmental problems he inherited and has stood up for women’s and gay rights .  He has taken smaller steps than expected ,  but at least he has taken steps in the right direction .  

What I like the most about Trudeau is his understanding that indigenous people need to keep their languages. The fact he’s willing to work with Gord Downie, is very symbolic . 

Gord is probably the most respected white man among Canada’s indigenous population .  He is devoting the rest of his short life to giving them a voice .  This endeavour is the singlemost biggest step to reversing the genocide put in place by Gord and Justin’s ancestors .  It’s a step .  But Trudeau needs to keep on it .  

It’s all a question of human rights .  Whether it be indigenous ,  black ,  poor ,  or anyother group ,  what the new 10 dollar bill will represent is a recognition of the much – ignored fight for human rights .  While marching in a gay pride parade may be the sexy thing to do ,  taking selfies with the poor is not quite the same .  Every citizen needs the tools to empower themselves and gain freedom .  The draconian ways of the Harper government still reign when it comes to the poor and underprivileged .  There is no reform in health care ,  employment insurance ,  education ,  etc…. The trick is to not only demonstrate that you know about them .  You must act for vital change . 

Mr . Trudeau ,  youneed to act on the populism that got youelected . You need to move our country ahead .  There will be no other chance .  When I see the bill with Viola’s picture on it ,  I want to think of what is ,  not what might be .  Now that the symbolism and selfies are done ,  let’s move on to concrete action . 


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