Education —An Introduction 

The first E in EEE is Education .  Education is an all -encompassing broad term of a word . For our immediate purpose, we will define it as the a learning process used to eradicate ignorance . In exchange, we gain knowledge and a path to freedom . Freedom is the state that allows empowerment . 

No one is responsible for you education other than you .  The government provides an avenue to education that is limited and very narrow . They don’t much care if you take advantage of their school system and are constantly watering it down with decreased funding .  Your family wants you to get the most out of that limited opportunity to enlightenment by sending you to expensive private schools if they can afford it .  The schools in both sectors try and prepare you for a career that will be profitable ,  hoping that enough of us fall through the cracks to sustain their need for their version of indentured servitude .  Whether we are doctors or menial laborers ,  we all fall into the same sphere in that we are conforming to a social construct set out for us since the day we were born . 

Real education requires the knowledge to think outside the box of this social construct . 

The main reason psychotherapy exists is because of the unattained goals of individuals .  As touched upon in my previous post ,  fear,  in the form of anxiety ,  is the main deterrent to this .  Our conformity to the aforementioned social construct has finally caught up with us and we feel a lack of fulfillment . This is where the need for empowerment begins . 

Over the years ,  I have attained fulfillment through helping others understand their potential and overcome their stress .  They have in turn helped themselves and others in the fulfillment of their goals . It is like a positive chain reaction to freedom . 

Freedom is such a blessed feeling .  It is that elimination of ‘should ‘ replaced by the newfound meaning of  “want “. It is doing things your way . It is being more synchronized with nature and others and how all work harmoniously through you .  This is freedom . Free people look something like this :

It is rare that someone finds freedom alone .  They need to experience the knowledge and experience of others . 

As a first step , I ask you to just think of what you think can make you a better person to yourself . 

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