The Paralysis of Fear 

Look into the abyss . Depending on your outlook ,  many things can be imagined existing on the other side .  Depending on your situation ,  there can be a reward ,  penance ,  or something in between awaiting you . But if you are hankered and controlled by fear ,  you won’t even want to try and see what there is on the other side . It’s paralyzing .  And in big doses ,  fear can kill you . First mentally and then physically .  It is by far the worst emotion one can experience .  It takes away our human gene of attaining goals .  It makes us stressed and depressed and eats our insides . Have I emphasized enough how much of a problem fear can be ?  

Now that we know what it is , we can start tearing it apart .  Many people live in what I call perpetual fear ,  or a constant ,  sometimes subconscious ,  fear that makes their decisions and choices for them .  This comes from too much anxiety and stress and a lack of hope or light at the end of the tunnel . This usually leads to Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This is a fairly new way of defining fear as overtaking everything else .  You feel it at work ,  at home , and in practically every situation .  And it often masks itself as physical illness ,  mainly in your digestive system. Ever wonder why you can’t eat a lot of foods at certain times ? 

Look at this pic 

This is the obstruction of fear . It is the tin ceiling ready to hit our heads .  

Now look at this pic 

This one may scare some. Not only because of the fear of heights inherent in so many of us ,  but also because we have to peel away layers of anxiety to even start comprehending how to plan to be on top of our world .  Not others’ worlds ,  but ours .  It’s important to concentrate on us . 

Personally ,  I’d take baby steps . Like the one below.

Notice the concentration and total dedication in this picture .  There are no people with fear at the gym . They may be afraid other times ,  but they are not afraid at the gym .  This explains the effects of adrenaline rushes . Working out ,  meditating ,  or simply playing in any way are all activities that produce stimulants against fear and anxiety .  

On the road to Education ,  Empowerment , and Enlightenment  (EEE), fear is the emotion to overcome .  Look at why you need to fix it

When I had to overcome disease at an early age ,  I had to learn how to make the most of every situation . I had to see the glass half full .  When we have to face things that are not as abstract as a proven illness ,  it is often harder to defend ourselves against it . We cannot perish on  our sofas or on the screen of our smartphones .  We need to channel our energy . 

The good news is that fear can be overcome .  It needs to look sunny at the end of the abyss . 

We need to work together to make the transition easier for all .  It’s a duty we all have to ourselves and to others .  

In the next few blog posts ,  I will take you through what many have gone through to overcome fear .  This will enable us to succeed .  And it needs to be a cooperative or communal success . If you look at previous posts ,  you will notice success, even if it is just through the joy of a red leaf on the sidewalk .  

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