A Postmodern  Populist November 

Postmodernism is ,  as I was taught in my second-year lit course ,  something we aspire to become through the non -acceptance of modern ideology. The Britannica dictionary gives a more thorough meaning. I tend to think of a theory that is already there and waiting to be defined when there is enough cynicism with most of what we define as being part of the establishment . 

It has been an eventful November so far .  We only need to look at the weather and its consistent inconsistency to see change is really upon us .  We have come to realize this with the advent of populism . Yes ,  the plight of the working class ,  the so-called huddled masses, has finally come to the fore .  They don’t care about the environment . Recycling won’t help them put food on the table . The climate may be changing ,  but that is secondary to the power of the only democratic thing out there —the ballot .  The people kicked out the establishment when they voted in Donald Trump . 

There has never been so much civil defiance as far as I can remember .  The pollsters were wrong. So were the media . So were ,  most importantly ,  the establishment and the elite . You know ,  that Wall Street bunch with Maseratis and secret offshore hedge funds .  We have overcome because they didn’t get their candidate in .  In fact ,  Trump is the ultimate  anti -candidate ,  which is what makes it such a coup .  He talks like us .  He thinks like we do ,  privately .  He even look like my Uncle George with an ill -fitting ugly cap worn with a suit and ugly tie .  He is the emblem of middle America and the one to empower the poor .  He is the one who overcame all odds and won .  For the everyman. Like the bully we live vicariously through ,  Donald Trump is the one who was able to defeat the Republican establishment and be heard over the corrupt musings of the Clinton clan .  And as for his comments ,  what else could he have said ?  The goal was to win .  You bring in the wounded to your party and rebuild their dignity .  It is the only way to empower the huddled masses .  

Michael Moore predicted the victory.  Here is a video explaining exactly why Trump would win. 

Do we need more proof ?  Yes , first Britain experienced postmodernism with Brexit and now the USA with Trump . This is possibly the way to epiphany and atonement that we’ve longed for since my first anarchist thought . Since my first Bukowski poem . Since my first Lit course . Since I realized democracy was still a theory .  Since I saw how much worse public schools were .  Like Trump says “what have you got to lose? “ And truth be told ,  there’s nothing much to lose .  Is there ?  When you look at it from a broad spectrum ? 

I woke up this morning in the fog of autumn .  The fire escape is for the huddled masses who will continue to live in such places .  But Trump won .  It was what needed to happen . It is the only way out. 


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