Fall Back

It’s a special time of the year . Certainly one of the calmest . It’s a calmer time .  For many , it is a time of creativity or, for the non -inclined ,  reflection .  Maybe it’s that extra hour of sleep you were supposed to get . In essence, I figure there is a direct correlation between taking advantage of that luxury and aging. So I just stayed up later last night . No way I was aging , my friends . 

It was strange as I decided to go to my favourite nearby baseball diamond dugout and quietly contemplate .  It was dark and I was alone . There was some white noise in the background , but nothing overpowering . The lights at center field were still on. I had my Chicago Cubs cap on and it was hell for my eczema .  But it stayed on . Backwards was more endurable . And I thought of the days when baseball was a big part of my life . I remember Bruce Sutter and Jeff Reardon coming out of the bullpen for more late -inning saves .  I remember the greatest Expo ever , Gary Carter ,  coming through in the clutch and Andre Dawson choking yet again . Usually on a swing and miss . 

So hockey and baseball meet and replace each other twice a year . This was one of those times . 

The contemplation ended with an epiphany that the forgotten dreams that had kept me up the last 3 nights were omens into the future . So I accepted the fear and was on my way . The launch of my website and eventually working for myself were nothing to be afraid of . 

This morning I decided to take a standard time drive and later walk . This pic from the car was the best sign of life I’ve seen today . 

I was drawn to these on my walk . They’re still holding on , even if for a few more days . 

A good acquaintance told me before I started this blog to put lots of pics . He spoke of attention spans dying out in epidemic proportions .  

Anthony Robbins gives simple advice on how to prepare for any endeavor you wish will last . This was advice I took a while back .  As well ,  this is true for any creative type, from the lens of Amy Poehler and Ernest Hemingway. But there is a void that needs to still be filled . The empowerment .  And this is a term not to be taken lightly . It’s a big word . People wrongly equate with female empowerment in that women should have the opportunity to excel just like men do . But the opportunity is not there just because you’re a man .  Opportunity doesn’t just happen . It is cultivated . More on that later . This is a general synopsis to personal empowerment. 

 The falling leaves represent the new beginning to independence . 

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