Gentrification Watch 

The run-down apartments near Howard Park ,  above , are reminders of the hopes and dreams of the working class, from the Jewish immigrants of the sixties to the current ones from Asia .  They ,  along with so many other similar units ,  have been affordable havens for people who can’t afford more . Above all ,  they bring richness to a neighbourhood .  Just try and find soul in the West Island. I agree that there are slum lords that often run these places. But by hook or by crook ,  people have been able to live through this and overcome ,  wiser than before through the experience and empowerment attained from the knowledge they were forced to pick up . 

There are unique neighborhoods that the so -called enlightened artsy types want to be a part of . The solution ? Buy the old buildings ,  demolish them ,  and build condos . And Park Extension is rife for the picking.

In the above photo , you have a typical working class scene . A bus stop with people actually waiting and needing to take the bus , another property that needs a small upstart business to rent its locale , and old apartment buildings. Paradise ?  No . But it’s full of life and teaches empowerment . I keep harping on empowerment ,  but it is the single most important lesson to be learned in life . And it is certainly learned here . Usually through the struggle to retain one’s dignity . 

Yesterday I wrote a post on LA Place Commune ,  which brought about some backlash , telling me that they are about gentrification .  And I am questioning my initial post . As I state in it ,  there are hardly and locals in the café and the management is very lax about reaching out to the community . While this is not gentrification per se ,  it is a sign of a burgeoning class moving northward from the plateau Mont Royal to find more affordable housing and in turn more disposable income .  Maybe to buy a condo with ? 

Wouldn’t this be a great place for a condo ? Developers look for excuses all the time . Revitalisation is a common catch phrase . Meanwhile , it’s revitalized for the newcomers and out of reach for the ones who used to live here . 

People in St Henri have been through this and they’re pissed The condos in Mile Ex are too close for comfort.

It’s also bad for local businesses . And here’s a left leaning example of gentrification. And here’s a slightly more generous version of it.

 Let’s not lose our neighborhood and watch it turn into condoville . 

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