Art in My Eye 

Art is one of the most important things in life .  It releases you from whatever degree of rigors you may be experiencing and lures you into a state of creativity removed from the bland and the ordinary .  Art is a freedom of expression that transcends the mundane and becomes more believable and desirable than reality .  It is ,  in fact ,  reality .  There can be no denying the apple of your eye ,  ears ,  and mind is real . It is the release of our inner psyche and goes a step beyond what can be seen by the fleeting glance of the passing eye . 

There is art in song ,  poetry , writing ,  painting ,  and so many other forms . Art never stops happening .  It’s just waiting for you to notice it . The easiest example is the art of song . Not the pop songs that are forced upon us , but songs from the heart that the artist writes to express themselves in hopes ,  perhaps ,  that someone will be touched by them . If no one is ,  then at least he has done a service to himself .  When forced to write ,  he winds up faltering .  This explains the fall from grace of many artists .  Mick Jagger can no longer write songs . It’s been decades since he wrote anything fruitful . 

The above image to me is art . It is a restaurant table  on the beach at night . It represents a romantic co-existence between people ,  nature and ,  in some weird way ,  the commerce of food .  And all this from a picture I took from my smartphone. Art is easier to capture nowadays when anyone can be a movie director ,  yet it is as difficult as ever to find something striking because of the simplicity of it .  The ease with which we show varied pics on social media makes us more difficult to please . 

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