Foodie Confessions 

I thought it fitting that now, with the  weather getting colder and the apple pies in the fridge with pumpkin pies waiting to be cooked, to look back at the last half year in food before posting anything food -related on this blog . As a foodie ,  I savour the ambiance as much as the ingredients . And this year I will have so many memories of so much good food in Greece . 

Above is stewed octopus with risotto at Koukounari Beach Bar at Romanos beach . This was the best presented dish I had . And it was delectable . 

While in Athens , I stayed at the Stanley Hotel near the Mataxourgion metro station only 4 metro stops from the Acropolis. Below is a view from the hotel roof terrace .It’s a nice hotel at a great price. But the area around the hotel consists of a bunch of hotels in the middle of a barren wasteland of urban sprawl surrounded by a ghetto .  The only place to get something to eat within walking distance that looked non -poisonous was the Bread Factory ,a labyrinth of great food ,  pastries , and Gelato .  I had the μπακαλιάρο πλακί ( flattened cod ? ). It was cod fillet stewed in vegetables . Delicious , especially having it on a small crooked table in front of a kiosk next to the subway entrance . 


The biggest employer in Messinia is the world renowned resort of Costa Navarino. Above is the delicious simplicity of ravioli stuffed with lobster .  Below is the eclectic and somewhat spicy lobster bisque risotto . For something billed as a Greek restaurant ,  there’s not much Greek about it . 

The best sign of a culture’s taste is the depth and richness of its comfort food . And in the southern Peloponnese , the home cooked meals that pass as comfort food can be found in any of their traditional restaurants .  No restaurant in Methoni fits the bill of family -run with great food and service more than Sapienza restaurant.

Only a couple of hundred meters from the beach , Θεία Άννα , Thanassi ,  Giota ,  and the whole family offer great food at good prices . Aunt Anna obliges all of her customers to come into the kitchen to look at her half dozen or so freshly cooked offerings and choose for themselves .  If you can’t pronounce it , just point at it .  Below is a picture of me and my niece at the restaurant before my cousin’s family had to go back to the grind of Athens . 

Above are 2 of my favorite local foods .  The first picture is one of stuffed squash flowers (usually with just white rice although I like it with minced veal mixed in as well ).

The last picture is of wild boar with potatoes in the oven . 

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