My Park Extension Foliage Experience

Finally, after a very late autumn ,  probably due to global warming , the red leaves are here . Sure there’s enough foliage in Vermont and outside the Montreal metropolitan area , but the city was just teasing us with plain ordinary yellow leaves . Real Canadians want red leaves .  Don’t believe me ?  Just look at our flag . And to make it worse , Park Extension was way behind most of the rest of the city . 

This brings me back to my high school years , when Betty told me to meet her at the train tracks behind Beaumont Street where there was a tree with lovely pinkish red leaves . The day was much like it is today ,  intermittent thunderstorms . But who was I to miss an appointment with Betty ? I took my umbrella and walked the few blocks to the tree I couldn’t locate today . She was waiting , under a makeshift shelter she seemed familiar with . It was cozy and she even had room for a small comforter in the middle . The rain started ravaging the soil ,  but it was so relaxing as Betty and I didn’t talk much . After the expected had taken place , it was awkward yet comfortable to be sitting and just looking at and listening to the rain . The train passed and it caused her to talk .  She asked me if I liked her . I said everyone liked her . She said , “no , but not the way Steve and the others do . Do you like me because I’m more than that ?” She looked pathetically sad . She waited with mouth agape . I told her I liked her in both ways ,  just to cover my bases .  She started kissing me and took out a doobie . I declined her offer and just continued to sit there as the rain could be heard and seen again . 

We left and went outside the building in the picture below . There was so much foliage that we buried ourselves in it . It had been a nice walk to there ,  focusing on music and why we both liked Morrissey .  It seemed to make the mundane more attractive. And we both had  the same favourite song.


Betty and I went out through the winter . I had gotten the best of Steve again . You all remember Steve , right ? 

The pictures above were taken today in between thunderstorms .  It’ll soon be pumpkin season . 

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