Neighbourhood Art 

You can tell the character of a neighbourhood by its art. These days,  most neighbourhoids’ art consists of little more than well -trimmed lawns or perhaps a rock garden. The parks are all the same and everything is so perfectly planned. Then we get to places where the people need to express themselves beyond the politically correct and mundane. On my walk today, I noticed this garage door near the corner of St Roch and Champagneur in Park Extension. I was looking for autumn leaf colours but realised it was still a bit too early to get anything more than yellow ones.

The above piece of art is what I was looking for. This is by far the best painting I’ve seen in the neighbourhood and am wondering who drew it. I assume by its vastness that it was a community effort. I would appreciate if anyone can tell me what they know about this. 

Finally,  I’d like to show you fire hydrant as art. 

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