Frappé Culture 

Every Saturday morning consisted of a φραπέ /frappé cold coffee at about 10 or so.  It gave everyone the opportunity to sleep in a bit before meeting at the καφενείο (coffee shop ). It often came with beer and always with cigarettes.  And a bunch of unexpected characters would make cameo appearances after the weekly social hibernation.  And there were the regulars that wanted to talk of their frustrations,  but always with a sense of humour and pride.  The owner put on what he thought was the hot Greek music of the week and others hummed or moved or elbowed their neighbors. 

This coffee shop is only frequented like this on Saturday morning. A change of pace. The regular older clientele still drinking Turkish  (Greek ) coffee knows to keep away at least from 10 to 1 on Saturdays. 

The sad thing is that we will soon need to call it the Freddo culture.  Soon we will be the ones staying away. 

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