At the Garden Before Sunset 

Even in late August,  when the extreme heat has subsided to about 30 degrees,  it’s still best to stay away from the garden between 2 and 6. Which leaves you with just over an hour to rewater everything and do a final spot check before dark.  

Our garden has many kinds of trees and root vegetables.  At this time, the sweetest of the fig trees are producing about 20 figs a day. Enough to have no choice but to share with your neighbours.  But no one shares grapes from the garden. Unless you produce wine,  you have a limited amount of grapes. And again, they’re extremely sweet. The peach tree was ruined by maggots and the first pomegranates were prematurely burnt from the lack of rain in the spring and the extreme heat in the summer.  Even here,  people realise that global warming is a reality. 

The pseudo-far left government has started promoting well water again by raising prices on water consumption. The problem is that they don’t help you install it. Nor is there any positive incentive other than the threat of paying more money. 

Either way, we were brought back to our childhood when we only had well water at the farm or garden. It’s not difficult to use the water.  It’s just difficult to water everything without getting a small workout.  

And it was time for the sun to set. We drove the kilometre back home with plenty of fruit for everyone. 

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