Koroni in a Snapshot 

Koroni is the same distance from Kalamata as Methoni,  but it is on the other side of the westernmost finger of the gulf, making it totally part of the Mediterranean.  It is a city much bigger in population than Methoni, than with a seemingly smaller area and no beach within the town. It has a castle and is Methoni’s twin city. The only road easily accessible to a tired passerby is the main one by the sea. 

We reached Koroni in the midday heat. It was very quiet. We wanted frozen yogurt and Gelato.  We sat at a nice table about 1 meter from the side of the sea. 

Some restaurants were preparing their evening menu,  as seen above. Sounds like a traditional feast.  There were no octopus hanging from their nets on poles as there had been in the past.  There were too few real fish taverns.  But the air was authentic Koroni. 

Some restaurants even on a Byzantine theme.  But there was no mistaking the amazing small mountain ranges on dangerous high risk turns that led to canyons on a bad turn.  There’s beauty in them there hills. 

But the uniqueness of Koroni will always be the waterfront street. 

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