Kalamata, Part 2 — Niki Kartsona 

The store http://www.thestorenikikartsona.com/ is understocked,  like any high end store would be. The girl at the door is attractive and dressed well.  In a higher glamour bracket is the slightly older lady who seems to be in charge, showing a seemingly wealthy older lady somethingthat everyone except said lady knows doesn’t go on her. Looking around the store is fun enough, but you try not to look too much at the price tags,  if there are any.  The younger girl smiles and moves on. The owner of the store has finished wrapping the wealthy lady’s gift and is there to answer questions.  She’s patient,  like someone with a lot of time on her hands who doesn’t really care if a sale is made.   It’s a hobby, a game.  She looks beautiful in her dress and her demeanor.  Her fashion model years may be over,  but she seems content being overhyped in a small town. Perhaps it’s better than trying to balloon your ego in a big city. 

She sells the piece to the customer at a ridiculously low price. She wraps it nicely and decides to send her helper out for a double Greek with stevia.  

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