Homemade Gelato and Such 

I knew it would only be a matter of time before food and drink became the focus of this blog. But there’s nothing like a morning in Pylos,  when you can change your sugar levels and cholesterol in a few minutes. 

On top of Gelato and coffee, there’s that fresh smell of a tantalizing sugar donut twinned with the amazing simplicity of a sesame bread roll. Or the healthier ones can go for Greek breakfast,  consisting of Greek yogurt,  honey, walnuts, and perhaps a splash of cinnamon or even basil.  Then you just need to try some baklava or galaktoboureko. 

Pylos is the hub of southwestern Messinia and the mornings are full of people from the neighboring villages doing their shopping and taking care of business before returning home to eat and perhaps spend an afternoon at the beach. 

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