A Bit for Everyone at Romanos in Navarino 

Beaches can very easily become a dime a dozen.  A bar with umbrellas in front or on the beach,  music playing in the background,  and drinks and snacks being ordered continuously while people show off their latest tans or bathing suits. All this happens at Romanos beach, just 30 minutes from Methoni,  20 from Pylos,  and 10 from Gialova. 

This is the town where Costa Navarino,  Greece’s premiere luxury resort is http://www.westincostanavarino.com. We spent 7 hours at Romanos beach.  It was a slow morning as only 3 umbrellas with long beach chairs had been taken so far. We took a fourth one in frontof the beach, about 5 feet in front of the waves.  The waves were quite big and noisy and you can hear the lather as it trickled back down into the water.  Tracy from Silicon Valley told me things were dying down.  It was the superiority of the chairs that caught my attention. They were made of wood and were still quite easily collapsible. The dunes were fairly deep and the sand soft and warm. I almost fell asleep before ordering my Frappé.  The umbralla and 2 chairs were 5 Euros, a price I would usually balk at.  But I felt I was paying for what I was getting. 

The friendly young tattooed girl made us aware that the water bottles were on the house. 
People started coming in droves and the beach was packed by noon. We went to eat at Kookoonari restaurant at about 2 o’clock.  I was very pleasantly surprised at the creativity and quality of the menu of food. We shared some fried cheese crumpled in a tomato sauce with some nicely cooked shrimp. Then came the grilled chicken with slightly spiced yogurt on a lightly grilled Arabic pita bread.  Then the piece de resistance, stewed octopus on a bed of rice perfectly seasoned with a citrusy after taste. To die for. 

The rest of the afternoon was for relaxation. 

This is by far the best beach I’ve been to on my trip so far. 


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