While Slurping on a Pineapple Banana Cocktail 

As I order my drink and ask for the WiFi password,  a nice young surfer -like dude in adequate English informs me that the WiFi is totally down.  It could not have been my accent because my Greek is very passable. It must have been me actually tipping him for the smoothie.  So after all the effort of finding the proper setting for my first post,  I actually have to forego doing it live. In all fairness,  Zanzibar is a great little place for a late afternoon cocktail in the shade. It is just a 5 minute ride from Methoni and,  at least at the writing of this draft,  some cool jazz music was playing in the foreground.  The beach is full of umbrellas and the bar doubles as a restaurant.  

But don’t blink too much because you might miss the turn that leads you down a dirt and gravel road that eventually takes you to Zanzibar . In late August,  the weather is a perfect 28 degrees with no chance of rain. No need for a weather app. 

The beach is an extension of Methoni Beach,  but is 3 kilometers away from town. Methoni is packed with too many tourists and not enough parking spots; at least until end of season in about 5 days. And of course, after dark,  Zanzibar is a great secluded spot for couples to visit in their cars. Or so one of the girls at the coffee bar in town told me. 

These cacti, prickly pears, grow thorny fruit that many find marvelously pungent. The rest of us can enjoy in a newfound smoothie, preferably in a mix next to pineapple and mango. 

The nice young man at the juice bar said he’d invented this concoction and that prickly pears were so abundant,  it would be a waste not to . 

Strange smoothies 

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